Kimiko is a choreographer, dancer. After studying dance and body expression at the Tama Art University in Tokyo, began experimental work on the edge of dance in collaboration with plastic artists and musicians. She has studied with Philippe Decoufle’s company, the Movement Laboratory of Jacques Lecoq’s school in Paris, and the Trisha Brown company in New York.

Kimiko has lived in Paris since 1998, participating in choreographic projects as a dancer with 2 aerial dance companies, Retouramont and Di-Helo, as well as with Heddy Maalem in France and Isabelle Choiniere in Canada. Founded the company "Kinetimix" in 2005 in Paris. Has created "GluGlu", a series of solos inspired from a Japanese onomatopoeia suggesting a spiral movement between the air and the floor using a triangle trapeze.

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