This piece tells the story of two super hero crime fighters who kick ass all over the city. They are always busy, even at home, watching TV, putting on makeup, or giving each other a massage. At one point, they meet their juniors in the training school owned by an evil woman who controls everyone’s mind with a wand.

Premiered 1999, 60 minutes

Super Heroes: Monica Reyes and Kiyoko Kashiwagi

Poku Poku(evil woman): Moeno Wakamatsu

Captain Barbarin: James Quaranta

Hero Trainees: Andrea Yugoslavia, Annuska Angulo Rivero, Inger Malene Glette

Poku Poku trains Barbarin

Genres: Action/Adventure, Children/Family, Heroes, Comedy, Drama


"You'll be glad you went"
By Antonio Sacre, Theatre Reviews Limited

Two super hero crime fighters dressed in sexy boots, white shirts, super hero emblems, and wild helmets fight crime in Kiyoko Kashiwagi's "New SunSun York," an Anime Dance style that utilizes movement, gestures, and facial expressions adapted from those of characters in Japanese animation films and comics. The result is humorous, sexy, and provocative, as the crime-fighters kick ass all over the city. It's worth the price of admission just to see our crime fighters at home, watching TV, putting on makeup, or hilariously giving each other a massage. At one point, an evil mind control woman, ClinkClink carried on the shoulders of Barbarin, manipulates unsuspecting citizens to set a trap for our crime fighters, and they ultimately fall in combat, their emblems ripped off their chests and velcroed onto the next batch of crime fighters, who will do the evil ClinkClink's bidding at the expense of us noble, poor tax payers. This piece of wonderful choreography is carefully executed by all of the dancers to a skillful sound score that serves as narrator and sound scape at the same time. You'll be glad you went.

"Purely Entertaining. Great for the kids"
By Shannon Murphy, Propaganda Reviews

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