Shu was born in Nagoya, Japan. Inspired by listening to his older sister play Japanese folk music on the guitar and hearing the Beatles on the radio, Shu picked up his first guitar at age 10 and by age 11, was playing covers from British and American Rock bands at local music festivals. By high school, Shu began to compose original music with his band and took first place at the Yamaha Music Festival. During his University years, Shu played at popular bars, clubs and events and was hired to play in a Beatles cover band. Shu even worked as a guitar instructor for The Yamaha Music School despite being self-taught and having never taken a music lesson in his life.

After graduating from University, Shu worked as a studio recording artist composing original scores for videos and films incorporating The Blues, Jazz, Country, British Folk, Reggae and Middle-Eastern melodies into his musical repetoire. Shu’s love for global music prompted a move to New York City and in 1999, he was hired by Country singer-songwriter Dorothy Cowfield as her lead guitarist and co-producer.

Since 1999, Shu has been a regular fixture in the New York City music scene playing at Joe’s Pub, Albuquerque Rodeo Bar and Pianos and many more well-liked venues. Shu concentrates his efforts on composing original music and collaborating with artists from all over the world.

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