Moeno was born in Asakusa, downtown Tokyo, in a house of a Jodoshu buddhist temple. Her family soon moved to reside in Mitaka, a suburb of Tokyo, where she was brought up. At 10, she moved to the United States via Canada.
From age 6 to 17 she was classically trained as a pianist and later as a pipe organist. After age 17, she chose to move on to plastic art and architecture. She installed herself in New York City.

She encountered dance at the age 20. At first she began as a student of Merce Cunningham School of New York. Soon after, she extensively became involved in (and became a practitioner of) the Feldenkrais Method. In the same period, she became also much drawn to the work of several specific buto artists.
After graduating the Cooper Union School of Architecture, and while working as an architect in New York City, she encountered conflicts between her work in the architectural field and her growing involvement in dance/theatre. At age 27, she left the field of architecture completely to only pursue dance theatre as a solo artist.

She presents her solo work and conducts workshops internationally. She is based in New York City and Normandy, France.

A manifestation of an expression that is beyond physical movement, her work perplexes ordinary dance categorization.

‘I wish to suspend within the moment where inner desire meets outer phenomena.’

– Moeno Wakamatsu

Top Photo: Richard Greene Photography

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